PHP London - June 2016

Digital Pursuit were in attendance at PHP London in June, held at Sainsburys office in Holborn.

Rik Heywood spoke to the group. He is the director of software engineering at POD Point ( where he and his team build websites to help manage their infrastructure of charge points for electric cars, using PHP 7 and Laravel 5.2. He's been working with PHP since version 3 and has been building stuff for the web since around 2000. Prior to that, he worked in the games industry where he developed the 3D rendering technology that powered the PC and console games of the 90s.

Rik had a chat about a side project that he has been working on the last few years, called Team Absence ( It is a PHP 7, Laravel 5.2 project that he has built almost entirely on the tube during his daily commute.